Getting packaged products to market faster, safely.

Every product that goes to market needs to be compliant to regulatory, production, brand and distribution requirements. 

For global producers of pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and more, getting the artwork right has been a slow and onerous process, as errors can lead to major problems including recalls and medical impact on consumers.

 Going faster here normally increases the risk of human error.
Until Automi. Our patent pending Autonomous AI/Robotics artwork and compliance system enables 'safety with speed' to market. Creating a speed arbitrage that will make this an essential technology for producers of goods worldwide. 

Every good that needs to be sold, needs to have compliant labelling and packaging.

Automi solves a global problem that hits every single thing we buy and use. the cost of mislabeling is immense, from wasted goods to market losses for producers and negative medical impacts for people.

In our first phase we are in talks with pharma, skincare and food & beverages, but will be covering over 36 categories. In other words, everything that sells in retail store, pharmacy or direct, will safely & speedily go to market via Automi.

Pharmaceutical products
Skin and Hair Care Cosmetics
Food & Beverages | Alcohol and Spirits
OTC medication | Wellness

Automi is an end-to-end artwork compliance system, with an autonomous artwork generation engine at its core. 


Getting packaged and labelled goods to market faster has been a holy grail. With speed comes the possibility for error, which adds multiple reviews and checks, and slows the process down. 

We are building an end-to-end system that governs, audits, verifies and creates compliant production artwork.  
Allowing speed with safety. 

Rules engines that enable 
100% brand, regulatory and
 production compliance
Our autonomous artwork generation engine combines Swarm AI, RPA and contextual awareness to allow 
zero-error artwork
Verification & Traceability of all assets, actors and actions in the enterprise system

A combination of Swarm AI, RPA, ML, Zero-trust verification and deep workflow knowledge is going into enabling 100% compliance for CPG & medical.

An end-to-end solution, that removes the possibility of human error in the creation of 100% compliant packaged and labelled goods has not been technically possible before. At the core is our invention (patent pending), a robotic process enabled by ML and Swarm AI behaviour, that allows for the first-time autonomous creation of rules-compliant packaging.

We are further enabled by research partners and grants like the Industry PhD from UNSW and the Australian Government's Next Generation Program with CSIRO, UNSW and QUT.

At its core, the story of Automi is a story about
reducing human medical impact,
reducing industry production impact and
reducing resource wastage.